Art of Construction is a licensed and insured, full service construction firm in the NY - NJ Metro area. Based in NYC we are family owned and operated. With experience dating back to 1980 we specialize in commercial and retail build outs, institutional renovations as well as any and all residential needs.

Founded in 2013 by father Robert Sr. and his two sons, Rob Jr., and Christopher Pennachio after they decided to combine their more than 45 years overall construction experience. Robert Sr. holds a NYC Master Electrician license and has a technical background in construction. Rob Jr. previously worked as a project manager for a national Real Estate development firm and as an expeditor. Christopher, who has been working with his father since 2006, is always trying to find a new way to do something better. Together they form a team that will help their clients through the entire construction process from start to finish.


Our goal at Art of Construction is to fulfill all of our clients’ construction needs on schedule and within budget while ensuring that they are informed of all details throughout the duration of the project.

Between our in-house work crew and our sub-contractors, we have put together a dependable team who will build a project that we are proud to put our name on.

We believe that construction is more than just a trade, it is an "Art".