I am a senior leader within the City University of New York system. I have utilized and benefited from the professional services of Art of Construction (AOC) for many years now. First and foremost, the owner, Robert operates with the highest level of integrity and unparalleled customer service. The very attributes by which he operates, he also leads his employees, expecting nothing less than exceptional from his team. He is an honest, solutions based thinker, who will help you meet your objectives within your allocated budget, scheduling constraints, and challenging infrastructure.

Next, there is no project AOC can not accomplish, with great expertise and craftsmanship. I have awarded them jobs ranging from $10K to $1mm. They treated each job, exactly the same. They make it very clear that they are focused more on customer satisfaction and long term relationships rather than a quick hit and on to the next customer. Many of their projects are serving as primary venues throughout our campus, with energy and cost savings utilities and aesthetically appealing character to each themed space. Their work is well known and respected on our campus, with my receiving accolades after each of their projects.

Finally, they truly bring value to every project. They have minimal need to subcontract any trades, which helps their prices far exceed what would be deemed competitive. As a person who is responsible for both budget and construction, they make my job much more simple. Each job is well organized, always within budget, and requires minimal participation from subcontractors so that I never fear about personnel or scheduling conflicts between two sub contractors. Most importantly, before going to contract, Robert thoroughly reviews the entire scope of work and performs an in depth survey of field conditions to ensure there will be no need for change orders. In my setting, change orders required by the contractor affects my evaluations. If there is a change order, it is usually because we have altered the scope of work. When that does happen, Robert is more than fair and has never used that as an opportunity for leveraging a premium charge.

In closing, this is the best, full service contracting firm I have used in my 20 years of experience. I highly recommend them to any one seeking a trustworthy and extremely competent vendor. I plan to do business with them for many years to come and recommend them constantly to my peers and colleagues.

I have had the pleasure of working with Art of Construction and its principal, Robert Pennachio Sr. for many years. The workmanship of this professional contractor has been above normal and reasonable expectations. Moreover, the flexibility of handling change orders on the fly and resolving end customer concerns has been outstanding. When I look at a new project and decide which of my contractors the job fits, I look to Art of Construction as my benchmark.

David Tulkop